Beaten heart.

My hearts beats with out me know, this is true to every person and animal. It’s automatic, I don’t need to know how it beat. I just know. What if the heart is broken, cracked, or left outside to wither in the sun like a raisin. It will still beat. My heart will still beat or dance to the music of lub dub. I know because I feel it, I also know that it is like a raisin in the sun. My heart has been broken, bruised, and cracked but it still beats. Can you hear it. That rhythmic sound off in the distance. That rumbling feeling below your feet. That’s my heart beating in my chest. The power to push on and continue to beat with passion and vigor. Yes that’s my heart so ROBUST, STRONG, BOLD, and yet still broken. My heart is healing every fracture, every gap. It beats like drum that been placed on the ground with deep reverberating sound that is felt and heard from miles away. Even so it merely a heart that’s willing to open up again.


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