The Chase

A simple scent of her perfume overwhelmed me with it’s gentle call. Blindfolded I couldn’t see her beautiful figure, but I knew that she was close. Trying with frustration to calm my inner passion for her, so that I can pursue and catch her in the right place and time. Step by step this elusive creature taunts me with her laughter and slightest touch. Even Stumbling about like a drunkard will not keep me from my goal, she laughs even harder. Laughing at myself I state “this won’t that funny when I catch you, I don’t think I can stop myself but I will catch you.” She continues to escape my grasp; just nearly, while I continue the pursuit.

Hearing her foot steps ever so slightly falling on the floor like a cat stalking if prey. I ran towards that sound with such speed and vigor I felt like a Lion finally getting it claws on it dinner. She was startled by the sudden rush of my body against her; so much so, a yelp escaped her lips then a laugh that
quelled that yelp. Gotcha: no more, running no more hiding. Her body pinned in the corner she had no place to go. While standing there breathing heavily all my senses became to be heighten. I felt her warm body moving closer to mine. Her arms wrapped around my torso like a snake wrapping around a tree. She pulled me in closer to her at the same time her nails began to embed themselves in to my back. I bit my bottom lip to counter act the pain/ecstasy that she gave me.

With that sign she escaped from my grasp. The game began again. I cursed myself because I fell for her tricks once again. Now she hold the power in this game that we play. All I heard was you lost your prey, come get me. This taunt infuriated me even more. I felt a burning down deep in the pits of my stomach. This passionate feeling rushed over me like a blazing forest fire. I couldn’t stay calm this time, I wanted her now there and then. Nothing could stop me from the goal I set for myself. The only problem was I didn’t hear any sound, just the soft breeze that brought her scent with it.

The smell of sunflowers was so close that I could engulf it. The smell was so calming I forgot the forest fire blazing in my heart, but not the passion the fed it. Spzzzt. That what I heard from directly behind me. More of that sunflower scent tickled my nose. I turned toward that sounds and began to follow it slowly. An soft word drifted on the wind to my ear that said closer, with one arm I swung to the sound of  word, it was knocked away by her hand. Closer! she said again. I moved even more slowly fearing another distraction. Closer even more softly but very close. At that moment I stopped and stood still not moving an inch. I knew that she was close, so waited for her move. Spzzzt sound again.

This time it was followed by a gentle mist that landed on my chest. In that instance I could feel each droplet down my bear chest. I still didn’t move, she on the other hand did. I felt a finger moving across my upper body, searching every hill and valley that it had. Then a palm over my heart, a touch the seemed the quell  that forest fire burning in my heart. Still I didn’t move. Closer she stepped towards me, now she was the fire that need to quelled up. I took her hand into mine and pulled her toward me.  I lifted her head to kiss her so deeply, that she melted in my arms. Still blind folded I scooped her up.


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