I find myself reading so many article about being a man, human, over all a good person, and it seems that I took a huge leap. Just to find out that I have a ways to go, but that doesn’t seem to stop me one bit. Building oneself is hard work, it takes time. Lately that’s all I have time.

All this started when I fell in love, and it was quite deep. At first I blamed myself, I thought something was seriously wrong. So like most guys I wanted to fix it. I dug down deep just found that it wasn’t me,or her but the moment in time. We were all different people, different ages and different mind set. Something wasn’t going to go well for someone. Even through all this I did gain a lot of sweet memories. Some of which I can’t seem to let go even if I had all the time in the world. I’m really grateful for the experiences during the period of time.

Even this blog is testament of how far I’ve come since then. While looking back all of the major issue didn’t start during that time is just exploded like a volcano at the point. I put most of my hopes on one person when it came to a romantic relationship. One important woman even told me, I need to be more aggressive in some ways. I was afraid to do that because I had a hard time controlling my anger (the excuse I told myself). I was being to pleasing, kind, a nice guy; when I should have been a good man. A man with standards, backbone, toughness, and also have heart, kindness, the ability to be open. I still struggle with my weakness, like not calling, speaking up for people to hear me. I’m really building on those. That’s what people do we grow a little stronger than what we were yesterday. So over all I’ve grown and the growth has made me stronger, and better.


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