The place that I miss in all the world is and always will be Brooklyn NY. Even though I was born in the greatest place in the world ( that a Fact) the island of Jamaica; my home has been and aways will be Brooklyn. I can’t explain it but BK will be apart of my soul, my kids will know the joys of Brooklyn.

So let me try to explain why I miss this place. Has I wake in the morning the first thing I hear the load sounds of an alarm or siren. With this I would look outside with so much pride that one can stop me from smiling. Its just the pulse of the city I guess. I mean the pulse of the street that pushes you to forward to the next



Feeling Good


I found this on youtube searching for Nina Simone Feeling Good. I love this is video because it combines two of my favorite artworks,
Music and Graphic Design.

I want to thank  Nina Simone for being a great singer and song writer
and Tamara Connnolly for putting the artwork to song. It really amazing.

A Simple Thought

I work for the city part time and I love it. Tonight at my part job I’m watching a lovely Wedding celebration. My mind wondered about my future and present. What I thought was I want to fall in love and get married and dance with my future wife. I also want to dance with my future daughter in her wedding day. That’s all that’s running through my mind.

Why am I doing this?

This blog, why am I really doing it for? So many answer to this question and all of them are right in my eyes. Some are silly and others are outlandishly out there people might think that I’m selfish. To those people that think that, I am so what. The main reason I started this blog was for me. To write down thoughts, memories, ideas, and fears. This is the closest reason why I am doing this. Hopefully it help someone in need.

Valentines Day

It’s just another day just like any other for me. The only reason why is that I never had a dated for that day. I would love to experience that day with someone special, and every year I say next year or next time. This year is no different than any other. So it’s just another day for me.